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Benefits of Dog Breed DNA Testing

The benefits on knowing the breed composition of your dog range from the satisfaction of your natural curiosity to being able to take proactive steps in ensuring your dog’s health and wellness. Like humans, a dog’s foundation for good health rests on good nutrition, exercise, clean water, and love. One of the ways to provide the best of these elements for your dogs is to learn more about their genetic makeup.

A Dog Breed DNA Test will give you additional insights on your dog and will help you and your veterinarian to:

  • Understand your dog’s temperament
  • Spot breed-related symptoms of diseases
  • Ensure proper nutrition and health for your dog

Understanding Your Dog’s Temperament

The social behavior of dogs is partially determined by their genetics and breed makeup. Whether it is during interactions with other dogs or with humans, your dog’s breed composition contributes to their social patterns. For example, terriers are likely to exhibit dominance-related behaviors when interacting with dogs of the same or different breeds, as compared to beagles or cocker spaniels. While Shetland Sheepdogs are easily trained and very responsive to human behavior, some dogs such as the Basenji are more independent and can sometimes be perceived to be aloof. Understanding your dog’s temperament will help you to respond to your dog’s unique needs for affection and companionship.

Spotting Breed-Related Symptoms of Diseases

In many cases, success in treating an illness depends on early detection and diagnosis. If you are trying to determine what’s wrong with your pet, a list of your dog’s breed makeup may help your veterinarian spot uncommon health problems that he or she has not previously considered.

Ensuring Proper Nutrition and Health for Your Dog

Experts agree that many diseases in dogs can be prevented through additional knowledge and education. You probably know that your dog’s diet should include certain percentages of protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber. However, fine-tuning his or her nutritional needs, including vitamins and minerals, can be aided by knowing the potential deficiencies that your dog’s breed makeup is prone to.

Further, the Dog Breed DNA Test will tell you some of your dog’s potential health problems, and there are many resources available, including your veterinarian, to help you figure out what diet, physical activities, and other health maintenance plan will help prevent the common ailments associated with your dog’s breed makeup.

Each Dog Breed DNA Test comes with a certificate listing your dog’s breed composition, along with a health and personality summary for the breeds detected. Order a test today!

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