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Equine DNA Tests

Equine DNA Collection Procedure

Your equine DNA sample collection kit will contain instructions, the order form, and a return envelope.

Equine DNA samples are often in the form of 15-20 hairs from the mane. The Sample Submission Form contains a section for enclosing the hair samples. You may also download a printable version of the form. The form contains the instructions described below.

  1. Pull 15-25 hairs by wrapping the hair around your finger close to the skin and pulling quickly and evenly.
  • Pull - DO NOT CUT - the hair samples from the mane above the withers.
  • The DNA is contained in the root bulb (follicle) - it is important that this part of the hair remain intact.
  1. Inspect the hairs to see that they have not been broken off before the root. This is particularly important with young foals, as their hair tends to be finer and more brittle.
  2. Place the hairs in a straight line across the middle of the form. This area is reserved for samples. Keep the hair together with the roots to the left as indicated.
  3. Tape the center of the hair shafts with CLEAR tape to ensure the sample stays in place.
  4. Fold the hair kit as as indicated by the dotted lines and place in the return envelope provided. Please include your completed Equine DNA Order Form along with payment and mail to:

    DDC Veterinary
    Equine DNA Testing Division
    One DDC Way
    Fairfield, OH 45014

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